About us

Founded informally in June 2002, the group was initially created to enable and facilitate communication amongst Tanzanians and Associates living, working and studying in Edinburgh and surroundings, in Scotland.

Our constitution was formally adopted on 18/12/2007. TzECA was formally launched on 05/12/2008 by H.E. Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar, High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania accredited to the Court of St. James, United Kingdom and (Non-resident) Ambassador Extraordinary of the United Republic of Tanzania, Ireland.

TzECA online communication platform has been instrumental in enabling online subscribed members to get more organized in terms of sharing information and overall communication between and amongst members and fellow Tanzanians back home -including the sitting Leadership.

TzECA formal launch event & High Commissioner visit

It is worth noting that the visit to the Scottish Parliament, in Edinburgh -(June 2002)- by a

delegation of Women MPs from the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania on an invitation by their hosts The Scottish Parliament, motivated and highlighted the importance of having a community based association in an organized manner.

With online subscribed membership of about 140+, the community has grown and transformed, making it necessary for an efficient, streamlined, structured, focused and progressive new committee to manage change and its challenges as they are tasked with taking the community interests forward.

The association’s mission is to become The Centre for Excellence as a community-based focal point for all Tanzania related interests in Scotland. We believe in working together for community benefit. Our biggest and strongest asset is our unity and the people who passionately give their time to build out community.  

TzECA has strong ties and cross-linked friendships amongst and with in the membership as well as with our Tanzanian Institutions, ranging from the Scottish Parliament, the University of Edinburgh, our High Commissioner’s Office in London, BTS, Sashita, DARF, Children of Songea, Twende Pamoja Trust and the yahoo Tanzania Scotland Network.

to a number of Parliamentarians from the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dodoma.

Tanzania - Scotland Partnership is an avenue the needs to be exploited further for mutual benefit. In the offing there are a number of opportunities that could be explored jointly.

We will continue creating a platform that will facilitate flow of information and sharing for mutual benefit.